Adidas France - 3D projection - 'Adidas is all' in new campaign

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The new Adidas campaign is a blast! Seriously.

Making a huge shift from its prior communication, the new 'Adidas-all-in' global campaign mixes all the different universes of Adidas, from sport to fashion and street and mixes it all.

The new TVC features a pretty big amount of stars coming from all these universes across the globe.


Local initiatives will follow to support the massive global campaign.

Here is the Adidas France one, a amazing 3D building projection. Building projection is the new big thing that many brands want to try, but too little succeed in making its content interesting.

Well, Adidas France rocked it:





And just for those who haven't seen it yet, here is the new global TVC. As a bonus, the soundtrack features the brand new single from Justice 'Civilization' whose new album will be released on April 1st (but that's a different story I am sure we'll talk about shortly!)





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