Motorola Samsung and HP for more and more mobility

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The globe is getting mobile. Ever and ever. I already shared a few examples in my previous posts but, a few months after the famous Barcelona Mobile World Congress, I would like to share new interesting and innovative examples (as seen in Influencia).



First of all, the brand new Motorola Atrix, sort of computer-phone at the same time. This new device is particulary innovative and will certainly convince users in need of more and more mobility, both for business and personal usages.





The other one I wanted to mention is the Samsung Galaxy S 2, introducing the NFS technology (I talked about this technology in a previous post but it basically allows you to pay your day to day purchases with your phone!



No doubt that this technology will become very popular very soon with only one condition: Shops being equiped with such devices and technology!



I won't talk about the brand new iPad2, not because it doesn't worth it but because everyone already talked about it!

However, I would like to share this great TVC from HP (it only has a few months) introducing a new technology: ePrint.


Understand you can, for example, take a picture and send it via email to the printer of your mom. The printer will automatically print the picture and your mon would only have to pick it up from the tray!

new way of sharing!



New mobile solutions mixing phone, computer etc.. making our mobile devices always stronger and useful. Stay tuned!

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